Fantasy FX Pack #1 - Shields and Projectiles v4.27

Fantasy FX Pack #1 - Shields and Projectiles

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Fantasy FX Pack #1 – Shields and Projectiles (Shield, Splash & Ballistic Damage Effects).

This pack is designed to be used for Action, RPG, RTS or FPS titles. The pack contains 29 modular high quality graded effects. All projectile effects have a default blueprint which is controlling the effect spawn and the collides. Shield FX are not prepared for collision.

The effect was optimized for pc and console builds, but can be used with high-end mobile devices.


Dozens of fantasy styled particle effects
Now Shield FX are included!
Effect styles include Explosions, Water, Lightning, Plasma, Nature, Poison!

Asset version: 4.27
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