Retro Graphics v1.4 (4.2x, 5.0)

Retro Graphics

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Retro Graphics (90s style graphics asset pack)

This is a collection of assets that will help you achieve 90s style graphics in Unreal Engine.

Make your environments come alive with screen space vertex snapping and affine texture mapping. Set the mood with material based ambient lighting, fog, vertex point lights, spotlights and light shafts. Create destructible objects with the help of a destructible blueprint.


Polygon Draw Distance
Screen Space Vertex Snapping
Near Clip
Color Quantization
Affine Texture Mapping
Depth Error
Ambient Lighting
Static Vertex Lights (up to 5 per component)
Dynamic Vertex Lights (4 by default)
Pseudo Lens Flare
Destructible Material & Blueprint (Video)
Camera Facing Sprite Material
Procedural Light Shaft Blueprint (Video)
Vertex Paint Ready

Asset version: 1.4 (4.2x, 5.0)
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