Stylized 250 Materials Bundle

Stylized 250 Materials Bundle v4.18-4.27, 5.0

Advanced Water Material

Advanced Water Material v4.26-4.27

Cartoon Cel Shading Post Process

Cartoon Cel Shading Post Process v4.2x

Stylized Post Process Materials

Stylized Post Process Materials v4.2x

HG Decals - Sci-Fi Bundle

HG Decals - Sci-Fi Bundle v4.26

Cartoon Cel Shader

Cartoon Cel Shader v4.23-4.27

50 Ritual Decal Package / AI SOURCES

50 Ritual Decal Package / AI SOURCES v4.2x

CelEdge - Cel Shading Outline Post Process

CelEdge - Cel Shading Outline Post Process v4.26

Damage and Shield Effects

Damage and Shield Effects v4.2x

Material Mix

Material Mix v4.27

Metal Materials

Metal Materials v4.15-4.27

Decal Designer

Decal Designer v4.26-4.27

Water Stylized Custom

Water Stylized Custom v4.26-4.27

Lab and Office Decal

Lab and Office Decal v4.2x

Spiderweb Collection

Spiderweb Collection v4.2x

Flesh Pack of 7 PBR Materials

Flesh Pack of 7 PBR Materials v4.26

Ultimate Eye Generator 2

Ultimate Eye Generator 2 v4.26

Cartoon Water Shader

Cartoon Water Shader v2.3 (4.26)

Advanced Interior Cubemap Materials

Advanced Interior Cubemap Materials v4.27

Automatic Landscape Material

Automatic Landscape Material v4.26-4.27

Shader Toon with Rim Effect

Shader Toon with Rim Effect v4.27

Material Function Collection

Material Function Collection v4.24

Ultimate Master Shader - Meshingun Studio

Ultimate Master Shader - Meshingun Studio v4.26

Sci-Fi Barrier Toolkit

Sci-Fi Barrier Toolkit v4.23-4.27