Ultimate Master Shader - Meshingun Studio v4.26

Ultimate Master Shader - Meshingun Studio

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Ultimate Master Shader with more than 100 parameter (by Meshingun Studio).

All the features have an ON/OFF switch. This means you can get a variety of performance from simple prop material to a complex shader.


1) One main layer and 3 vertex paintable layers. (On/Off switch)

2) Macro Normal option allows you to blend your tile and unique baked normal for higher detail on your huge props.(On/Off switch)

3) Macro albedo for each layer. (On/Off switch)

4) Scale-based tiling for each layer. (On/Off switch)

5) Vertex paintable wetness, Rain ripples, and puddles with many parameters to customize. (On/Off switch)

6) Two height blend features give you more control for the desired result.

7) Emissive. (On/Off switch)

8) Roughness controller. (On/Off switch)

9) 2 layers with a top-masking feature for moss, snow sand and etc.(On/Off switch)

10) Normal map intensity controller. (On/Off switch)

11) 2 layers with a fuzzy shading feature for moss-looking results or ice.

12) Tintable albedo

13) Triplanar/ World Aligned (NEW)

14) World Aligned Macro Albedo (NEW)

15) Dirt Using Pre-computed AO (NEW)

And many more features that you can combine and get your desired result for any prop.

Asset version: 4.26
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