SkyCard v4.2x, 5.0


Download Unreal Engine Asset – SkyCard. High Quality 2D Cloud Cards with Volumetric Self-Shadows.

Ever wanted to have a veeery specific looking sky? Needed a cloud shifted juuust a little to the right? Wanted to change the time of day only to redo the whole sky?

SkyCard is a collection of high quality 2D impostor clouds for UE4. What makes these more special is the fact that while 2D they still cast high quality volumetric self-shadows creating the illusion of a volume object at a fraction of the cost! No normal maps used!

The clouds will correctly behave with changing sunligh light direction, can have parameters like density, shadow blur and light/ground scattering adjusted making them fit for any environment or blended over any HDR Background!

With the resources included you can make any sky - from storms to wisps of cirrus clouds, from realistic to stylized!


2D Cloud Material that casts volumetric self shadows
Cloud Self-Shadows respond to Directional Light
Material parameters for Cloud Density, Light Scatter and Shadow Blur
41 Cloud Textures
Multiple Cloud Styles: Realistic, Storm, Cirrus, Cartoony, Painted

Asset version: 4.2x, 5.0
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