Ultimate Game Music Collection (UE4) v4.10-4.27

Ultimate Game Music Collection (UE4)

Ultimate Game Music Collection – download Unreal Engine asset.

Ultimate Game Music is the definitive Video Game Stock Music Pack. Containing more than 200 tracks, loops and musical cues. It offers a huge library of versatile music, for a variety of genres, from action to fantasy, casual, horror, puzzle, everything! All at one low price.

Please Note: This package contains: Complete Horror, the Combat Collection, Fantasy Music Collection, Casual Game Music Bundle, Enemy Music, Space Loops, Dungeon Loops and the Seasonal Bundle in full, which are also available separately on the Unreal Marketplace.

The Collection Contains:

Boss Music
Horror Ambience & Scares
Space Music
Combat & Boss Battle Music
Dungeon Music
Music for Themed Locations
Open Area & Exploring Music
Sneaking & Espionage Music
Music for Platformers
Puzzle Music
Menu & Title Music
Win / Lose Cues, Horror Scares
Seasonal Music (Halloween & Xmas)
Item Store Music, Scores Music
3 Star Cues, Loading Loops
Quest FX, Waypoint Cues

Asset version: 4.10-4.27
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