The Complete Customizable Dark Soundtrack Bundle v4.0-4.27

The Complete Customizable Dark Soundtrack Bundle

The Complete Customizable Dark Soundtrack Bundle – download Unreal Engine asset.

Behold! The Underworld to your game’s Overworld. The Twilight Realm.. the Dark World. Built from 13 main themes, these 91 individual versatile loop-able wav files of the theme sections and individual instrument elements, give the game developer a huge amount of creative control and are tailored to fit easily into a variety of game settings. A perfect collection of songs to compliment a retro/digital genre video game, or to bring variety to an orchestral soundtrack.

Every theme also has at least one {DARK} version, which focuses on low bass sounds and drums.

Themes Included:

Menu Theme 1 - Loops: [Ambient, Ambient + Melody, Strings, Sections]

Menu Theme 2 - Loops: [Ambient, Ambient + Melody, Violin, Sections]

Exploration Theme 1 - Loops: [Strings, Strings + Melody]

Exploration Theme 2 - Loops: [Ambient, Minimal, Sections]

Space Theme - Loops: [Ambient, Melody, Sections]

Space Battle - Loops: [Action, Ambient]

Battle Theme 1 - Loops: [Ambient, Melody, Minimal, Sections]

Battle Theme 2 - Loops: [Alarm, Percussion]

Boss Theme - Loops: [Ambient, Melody, Drums]

Underground Theme - Loops: [Action, Ambient, Melody, Sections]

Night Theme - Loops: [Ambient, Horns, Melody, Orchestra, Sections]

Dark Atmosphere 1 - Loops: [Action, Minimal, Percussion, Ambient, Sections]

Dark Atmosphere 1 - Loops: [Ambient, Cello, Melody, Piano]

Short Sound FX - [Heartbeat, Digital, Drip, Hit, Low Hit, Percussion, Strange]

Asset version: 4.0-4.27
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