Stylized Props 01 v4.27

Stylized Props 01

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Stylized Props 01. Hundreds of daily items and blueprints. Huge kickstart pack for your stylized projects!

Each item is created for best quality and performance to be able to support more than one platform. From mobile to desktop. Very low VRAM consumption will allow your GPU do other things and not get burned while trying to handle huge load. Minimum draw-calls (Less than almost 1000 when all the 587 meshes are visible in the same frame). You can easily focus on your creation without worried about the performance.

Hand painted consistent texturing.
Various of items starting from a post stamp and up to a server rack.
Optimized for best performance and look. Very low VRAM consumption, low draw-calls.
Pre made blueprints to speed up set dressing and composition creation processes.
2 Demo Maps to show each item under pre-computed lighting.

Asset version: 4.27
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