Abandoned Passenger Aircraft v4.27

Abandoned Passenger Aircraft

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Abandoned Passenger Aircraft.

Scenery prop for use in any game environment or level. The aircraft is approximately 61 meters long and 60 meters

wide, wingspan measured. You can use it as a prop, key point, part of a scene or main part of a game level, where you can incorporate it into a game or project. The Aircraft is built to be a stationary scene.

You recieve an aircraft with a clean subtile distress mask and texture. A modelled interior and exterior including front and rear cargobays.

The aircraft is assembled in a way that nothing is blueprinted. Intention is for you as developer or user to have all

the freedom to do so in a way you want and are acustomed to. This way we try to ensure compatibility in most effective way.


Most materials have material parameters so you can customise distress (grunge and texture), color and textures.
Heatwave (heatshimmer) Postprocess Material.
Vertex Paint Material for making puddles & oil stains on ground.
Mask texture - General distress mask for grunge.
13 premade distress unique masks for Aircraft exteriors.
3 premade metal and rust PBR distress textures.
PBR Texture Channels:
RED - Ambient Occlusion
GREEN - Roughness
BLUE - Metal

Asset version: 4.27
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