Escalators and Moving Walkways v4.27

Escalators and Moving Walkways

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Realistically Animated escalators and walkways.

Included in this pack are 7 escalators of varying sizes. Each escalator is comprised of an animating skeletal mesh for the steps and a static mesh for the frame. These two are combined into a blueprint with editable variables that control the movement of the escalator. The speed and direction can be adjusted.

Also included are 4 different automatic walkways ( typically found in airports ). These are animated using a scrolling texture for the handrails and for the floor. It also contains some conveyor belt code that pushes actors in the direction of the walkway. Speed and direction of the walkway can be adjusted via a set of variables on the blueprint.

Custom collision meshes is also included that is accurate and optimized.

All materials are PBR configured with ( albedo / metal / rough / normal ) textures

Asset version: 4.27
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