Mars Colony Props and Vehicle v4.2x

Mars Colony Props and Vehicle

Mars Colony Props and Vehicle – download Unreal Engine asset.

The Mars Colony package comes with a playable rover vehicle, a high detailed rocket, colony habitats and plenty of props to fill your scene. Each prop has been designed with very high detail, and comes with an average of 3 LOD levels. This package also comes with a parallax occlusion landscape material which can be easily modified and replaced with your own textures. The rover comes with 6 wheeled suspension, headlights and brake lights, dust trails, along with an interior camera viewmode & an exterior zoomable third person viewmode. Please check out the free packaged demo for proper inspection of this package!


Drivable Mars Rover with controllable headlights, brake lights, dust trail & suspension
Static Mesh Blueprint of Rover (comprised of 4 Static Meshes) which can toggle headlights for light baking
Rocket Static Mesh (Comprised of Core and Leg Static Meshes)
Habitat Static Mesh
Habitat Bridge Static Mesh
Habitat Ladder Static Mesh
4 Pipe Static Meshes
3 Equipment Prop Static Meshes
Animated Energy Machine Blueprint (made of 2 Static Meshes)
Communications Beacon Static Mesh
Solar Panel Static Mesh
Parallax Occlusion landscape Material with 2 layers
Night and Day Levels with Baked Lighting
Flying Spectator Pawn Blueprint

Asset version: 4.2x
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