Modular Space Station v4.27

Modular Space Station

Modular Space Station – download Unreal Engine asset.

The Modular Space Station comes with 21 Unique parts, each designed with Station uses in mind. It also includes a Core Space Station Blueprint, which allows you to quickly construct the center of your station with Radial Symmetry. Set the number of towers around the core, along with connection radius, height, a custom amount of habitat rings, and their individual heights.

Listed are the included Static Mesh modules:

Small Connection Part
Large Connection Module
Control Station
Energy Pod
Habitat Ring (one quarter circle)
2 Modules
Science Pod
Storage Module
Centre Tower
Tower Spire
Communications Array
Tri-Energy Pods
Sensor Array
Service Array
Solar Array

The package also includes a simple space environment with flickering stars, a Planet Material, and two planet Material Instances.

Asset version: 4.27
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