Cargo Spaceship with Flight System v4.27

Cargo Spaceship with Flight System

Cargo Spaceship with Flight System – download Unreal Engine asset.

This package includes a fully-playable SciFi Cargo Spaceship, complete sound effects, a high-quality environment and a Space Flight system (created by Davis3D). The system includes an interior cockpit, single and rapid fire lasers, a Shield that responds towards the location of the laser hit, fire particle effects that activate based on ship health, and an explosion blueprint that includes a destructible mesh. The rechargeable shield fails upon receiving too much damage and reboots after a delay.

The ship's interior, chair and cockpit are each individual static-meshes, so you can customize or replace the interior to match your own style of game if needed. The package also includes a static version of the ship, with a door that automatically opens when you near it. Both static and playable blueprints come with dynamic material variables, and let you choose whether to include the container with the ship.

The ship’s pawn includes an abundance of flight variables, allowing you to take full control over gameplay. Adjust whether the ship is able to roll or stay oriented with the world. Adjust movement, rotation, roll and boost speeds - along with Rocket thruster, laser and shield colors. Adjust the laser sizes and speeds, rapid fire rounds, laser explosion sizes, Shield and Hull health amounts, camera distances and more!

The package also includes Physics Asteroids and Space Turrets that fire at the ship when in range - both of which can be destroyed by lasers. The planet material is set up in a way that makes creating new planets very simple and easy. Both Asteroids and the Turrets make use of a ‘Field Spawner Blueprint’ - which can be utilized to spawn many child actor blueprints within an allocated space


Cargo Spaceship with 3 LODS, a Static Blueprint, Flying blueprint, explosion blueprint and destructible mesh
Laser projectile and 2 laser fire blueprints
Turret blueprint
Asteroid and Field Spawner blueprints
Keyboard and Gamepad control input
3 Other Explosion particles
Dust Mote particle


6 Metal explosions
3 lasers
1 rapid-fire laser
Shield power up- and power-down
3 Rocket blasts
2 SciFi alarms
1 Door sound
12 Sound Cues


Cargo Spaceship Dif, Norm, Metal-Rough-Glow, Color Mask, Container Mask and Thruster Mask
Moon Dif and Norm
Rock Detail Norm
Stars Dif
Caustic Mask and Flow Map
Molten Metal Dif and Norm
Metal Scratches Norm
Hexagonal Shield pattern

Asset version: 4.27
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