Steampunk Town v4.2x

Steampunk Town

Download Unreal Marketplace Engine Asset – Steampunk Town. Full environment, 360 props – buildings, nature, crazy machines!

Asset pack with hundreds of modular meshes - from small architectural pieces to large buildings (some of which you can enter). Together with high quality rocks, foliage and steampunk machines this pack allows you to create entire environments. Pack contains optimized map "Steaming Town" where you may find useful parts to quickly copy over to your own project. There is also an "Overview_map" with models laid out on a plain surface among which there are additional 7 buildings (of 22 total) made of grouped modular props (those are merged in the environment for optimizing draw calls). You can rearrange those small pieces, select them all and right click/merge actors to change the merged buildings in the environment.

This asset pack is easy to use with a clear folder structure and models that work well together. 274 out of 360 meshes have LOD's set up (up to 5 LOD's for higher poly meshes), 325 meshes have precise, custom collision. Materials and textures are high resolution PBR images that combine both - realistic design and hand painting. Material for rocks and stone floor uses world aligned texture - rendering moss or dirt always on the top, making them blend with terrain no matter the alignment. Several materials (such as metallic ones and rock) use dense tiling of the detail maps, making them more detailed up close. If you want - you can further increase level of detail of the textures by changing the "Maximum Texture Resolution" for each texture to '0' (this way the engine will use the imported texture resolutions, instead of the reduced ones).

Asset version: 4.2x
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