Trees Gen02_02 v4.26

Trees Gen02_02

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Trees Gen02_02.

The second in the series of tree species from different biospheres to add to your growing collection.

All the trees in these series are unique and not repeated in any other series.

5 Banana Trees - 2.2k tris each
5 Coconut Palm Trees - 4.1k tris each
5 Curly Palm Trees - 2.6k tris each
5 Date Palm Trees - 5.7k tris each
5 Joshua Trees - 4.3k tris each

Each Tree/Plant species comes with their own unique material and set of textures, including Albedo, Normal, Specular and in some cases, Transmission.

These series should be compatible with all versions of the Editor as they are FBX mesh, PNG textures and standard shaders.

ALL images are screenshots directly from the editor using a single directional light and no raytracing.

Asset version: 4.26
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