Wind Turbine v4.2x

Wind Turbine

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Wind Turbine.

Modern Wind Turbine with customizable dimensions, rotor rotation and rust/wear.

Perfect for your game background and for close-ups


Height can be changed (50-150m from rotor center to ground, default is 100m)
Rotor riameter can be changed (60-130m)
Rotor rotation speed can be changed
Rotor rotation speed random variation. Looks good when there are many Turbines in scene
Anemometer is rotating automatically depending on Rotor rotation speed
Nacelle can be rotated to reflect wind direction
Turbine can be clean or dirty (or somewhere in between)
Logo can be changed to any user texture (put texture with alpha channel)
Onshore and offshore versions (select in blueprint)

Asset version: 4.2x
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