Stylescape: Ruins v4.27

Stylescape: Ruins

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Stylescape: Ruins. Fully modular stylized ruins kit, including BP presets, decorative ivy, and biome based materials, all utilizing trim sheets for greater peformance.

Stylescape: Ruins, a new addition to the Stylescape family, is a fully modular kit with a stylized twist, featuring:

• 174 modular meshes (all aligned to 10cm grid space)

• Biome based materials for Forest(default), Snow, and Desert

• Procedural top layer based on mesh rotation

• PBR shaders utilizing AO, Roughness, Specular, and Normal

• 4k trim sheets for all structural pieces

• Blueprint presets

• Debris foliage

• Decorative ivy

Note: Does not contain nor require the base Stylescape kit such as: landscape and nature assets (trees, rocks, ferns, flowers)

Asset version: 4.27
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