Ultimate Spaceships Creator v4.20-4.27, 5.0

Ultimate Spaceships Creator

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Ultimate Spaceships Creator – Over 200 spaceships ready for use in your space game.

These spaceship sets come with different colors to pick from and have their parts included for you to easily make your own combinations. This collection can also come in very handy for creating concepts of your own spaceships.

But please note that the textures are not made for extreme closeups and won't hold up at very high levels of zoom. We have included closeup shots to show the textures quality.

In Version 2 we have added the ability to change material colors through an instance as demonstrated in the material instance screen shot. (The color change material instances are not shown in the YouTube trailer since the trailer was recorded for version 1)

Both the Galactic Leopard & Space Excalibur are included in this collection in addition to 14 other spaceships sets!

If you want to expand this collection and obtain more spaceships, you can consider the: Ultimate Spaceships Creator Expansion pack which is not included in this collection.
Technical Details


256 Spaceships
16 Different spaceship sets
7 Materials for each spaceship set
Material instances for creating your own colors
Parts included

Texture Sizes: (Some spaceships use a texture resolution of 2K and others 4K)

4K Base Color (6Different Colors)
4K Occlusion/Roughness/Metallic Map
4K Normal Map
4K Emissive Map (3 Different Colors)
4K Masks for material instances
Bonus arcade spaceships and insects have 512x512 textures

Asset version: 4.20-4.27, 5.0
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