Studio Lighting Kit - Vol. 2 v4.27, 5.0

Studio Lighting Kit - Vol. 2

Download Unreal Engine Asset: Studio Lighting Kit - Vol. 2 - for Pre-Viz (Astera & Portman Fixtures)

A dynamic lighting library to help you design and create your next Stage/Set previz and virtual production project.

Create highly realistic Studio Sets to present your designs.

DMX Ready - DMX Plugin Must Be Activated

SLK Supports ArtNET to get DMX Data. So it is possible to use any DMX Lighting Console or Software available on market.

All the parameters are fully controllable in the editor, play mode and nDisplay.

It has Fixtures inspired by Astera Lights and Portman Lights.

Helios Tube - Titan Tube - Hyperion Tube

Portman P1 (7ch), P2 (6ch), P3 (3ch) & Mantis (29ch)

The tubes can be mapped pixel to pixel up to 32 pixels per tube.

They work with the matrix fixture in the 'DMX Library'

They can generate Lights for each pixel or a single pixel average light.

Is best to generate Pixel To Pixel Lights once DMX is recorded and ready to render the final movie as they can be very heavy during programming.

NYX Bulb - AX3 - AX10

These fixtures are a single pixel 4 channels DimRGB. In the editor they have options to tilt them, show or hide stand cables etc.


This blueprint is used to transform custom meshes into a single pixel DimRGB.

Always thanks for the epic team and GeodesicGames for their work and help

Asset version: 4.27, 5.0
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