SciFi Machinegun AK4 Playable v4.2x

SciFi Machinegun AK4 Playable

SciFi Machinegun AK4 Playable – download Unreal Engine asset.

The Sci-Fi Machine Gun AK4 comes with a fully playable First Person Shooter blueprint and an abundance of animations, sound effects and particles. It includes a detachable scope, ammo clip, a laser projectile blueprint, sparks that ricochet off the correct angle, and a laser burn decal that has heat glow that fades over time.

The animation is set up using Epic Games' Mannequin rig, so it can be applied to any character that uses it.

You can easily adjust the color of your weapon, its holographic scope and the its laser fire through blueprint variables.

The animations are smoothly blended in an animation graph, and include:

Equip and Unequip gun
Aiming down the sights
2x Firing animations - for both hip-fire and aiming down the sights
Sprint and walk
Jump Start, Loop and End - for both Hip fire and Aiming Down the sights
Weapon down pose

The sound effects for reloading are also individually separated, so it plays correctly regardless of your reload speed.

Sounds include 5 mechanical gun noises, 5 noises of shells hitting the ground, a science fiction rapid fire laser noise that loops, and a sound of the laser fire ending.

Particles include Muzzle flash, Muzzle smoke, Empty Clip steam burst, Bullet shell expulsion, and ricochet sparks.

Asset version: 4.2x
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