Homemade weapon v4.2

Homemade weapon

Homemade weapon – download Unreal Engine asset.

Presenting a high quality homemade weapon pack, which include a high quality high density/ quality story telling PBR texture, and skeletal and static mesh is both include in the product.

This product include 13 assets can be use as weapon (bat, bat with nail, bat with barbed-wire, broken axe, broom, broom spear, guitar axe, broken guitar neck, kitchen knife, pipe blade, pipe bomb, long pipe, piple sickle) and the ingredient to craft those weapon.

Weapon Crafting recipe: (All the ingredient are include in the product)
Bat + Barbed wire= Bat Barbed wire
Bat + nail = Bat with nail
Broom + cellophane tape+ kitchen knife= Broom spear
Broken guitar neck + nail + broken axe = Guitar Axe
Long pipe + pipe support + broken sign = Pipe blade
Long pipe +cellophane tape + kitchen knife = Pipe Sickle
Short pipe + cellophane tape + explosion powder = pipe bomb

Asset version: 4.2
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