Sharps Bros - M4A1 w/ The Jack Receiver v4.2x

Sharps Bros - M4A1 w/ The Jack Receiver

Download Unreal Engine Asset: Sharps Bros - M4A1 w/ The Jack Receiver. This is an M4A1 with a custom receiver by Sharps Bros, including a unique stock for this pack. Includes example first-person animations.

This is an M4A1 based on Sharps Bros' authentic real-life design, featuring their custom magwell receivers, including The Jack and Hellbreaker.

You can take off the iron sights, gunstock, and magwell receiver to either use your own designs or ones officially from Sharps Bros & Affray Studios.

Example animations include:

Aim down sights (ADS)
Base Pose
Draw weapon
Draw weapon (load weapon for first-time)
Fire weapon
Holster weapon
Idle stance
Left lean
Right lean
Look down
Look left
Look right
Look up
Move left
Move right
Moving animation

Asset version: 4.2x
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