Universal Character Customization System

Universal Character Customization System v1.1 (4.27, 5.0)

Survival Game Kit V2

Survival Game Kit V2 v2.2.15 (5.0-4.27)

Ultra Dynamic Sky

Ultra Dynamic Sky v7.4A (5.0.3 / 4.27)

Smart AI

Smart AI v1.1.16 (4.27)


ALS-Community v4.23.3 (5.1.0 p1)


3D VOLUME TEXT v4.17-4.27, 5.0


DynamicDesert+SlideSystem v4.2x, 5.0

Dynamic radial menu x

Dynamic radial menu x v4.26-4.27, 5.0

Realistic Moon

Realistic Moon v4.27

Horror Mechanics

Horror Mechanics v1.5 (5.0)

Simple Multiplayer Lobby V3

Simple Multiplayer Lobby V3 v5.0

Procedural Maze Generator

Procedural Maze Generator v5.0 (Updated)

Advanced Riding Locomotion System

Advanced Riding Locomotion System v1.5 (4.26-4.27, 5.0)


n00dHolster v4.27-5.0

Ultra Camera

Ultra Camera v4.27/5.0

Mini Games 4

Mini Games 4 v4.23-4.27

Flexible Combat System - Basic

Flexible Combat System - Basic v5.0

Dynamic Volumetric Sky

Dynamic Volumetric Sky v5.0

Text and Audio Notes + Journal

Text and Audio Notes + Journal v4.27

Dynamic on rails gameplay camera

Dynamic on rails gameplay camera v4.27

Air Balloons

Air Balloons v4.27

ESM Buff Icon

ESM Buff Icon v4.2x

Prop Hunt - Multiplayer Game Template - Hide and Seek - By Kekdot

Prop Hunt - Multiplayer Game Template - Hide and Seek - By Kekdot v5.0

Auto Instance

Auto Instance v4.2x